Engineering Support CiDell

Engineering Support

Our engineers use SOLIDWORKS and Mastercam machine software. We have multiple server capabilities which make it quick and easy for you to upload your part and tooling files to us.

We can help you design your part by using our in-depth knowledge of composite materials. Our value-added capabilities can also help you design and build a better part.

Tool Room Capabilities
Ci-Dell Plastic's tool room can build and maintain your mold from start to finish. If your mold should need any repair, maintenance or cleaning, we have the capability to do this on-site which means less downtime in production.


Ci-Dell Plastics offers machining services to our customers. We have programmable CNC mills set up just for this purpose. We will machine value-added features into your parts even if they are not molded at our shop.

  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Tapping
  • Machining

We specialize in machining plastics of all types. You can purchase ready-to-machine thermoset plastic plaques here.

What part can we machine for you today?

Plastics Machining
Thermoset Molding CiDell


Our injection and compression presses range from 35-500 tons. We use automated equipment to contain cost and ensure consistently high quality.


We offer preforming services to our customers. We will pelletize material into the diameter and weight you require.

Die sizes readily available for processing include:

  • 0.975”
  • 1.000”
  • 1.210”
  • 1.250”
  • 1.375”
  • 1.480”
  • 1.500”
  • 1.625”
  • 1.750”
  • 1.895”
  • 2.250”

Don’t see the die size you need?

Thermoset Post Bake Process

Post-Bake Process

Ci-Dell Plastics uses a Grieve model TAH-550 batch oven for parts that require a post-bake process. It has large workspace dimensions capable of baking both large and small parts. The oven is equipped with a digital programmable temperature controller and data logger. We measure and record every bake cycle for accuracy and traceability.

Assembly & Kitting

We can make your parts line-ready and place them into kits for faster assembly at your facility. We’re out to make things easier and faster for you!

We’re already doing this for several customers.

Assembly Kitting Photo Collage

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