Ci-Dell Plastics
Manufacturing Quality Molded Parts Since 1986

UL Certified Custom Molder of Thermoset Composites

Ci-Dell Plastics manufactures a wide range of precision products for many industries. Whether it is a current product that is being considered for material conversion or a new product concept, we can assist you with the development and design work. With our state of the art tooling and engineering capabilities we can manufacture parts according to your specification.

Custom Molding

Our compression and injection presses range from 35 - 500 ton.

Engineering Services

Our engineers can help you design your part as well as select the proper material for the application.

MIL-M-14 Molded Plaques

Ci-Dell Plastics produces and sells plaques molded from Thermoset Composites that meet Spec. MIL-M-14