Ci-Dell Plastics
Manufacturing Quality Molded Parts Since 1986


Part Qualification

First piece measurement and documentation is critical to our success. Part qualification begins with a layout of an acceptable sample from each activity. We use our Hexagon CMM with touch probe to conduct full layouts to insure your parts meet the required dimensions. Samples are sent for customer review and approval prior to starting production on the mold. This procedure also applies to mold modifications and refurbishment of existing tooling. 

Quality in Production

Once parts are approved and production begins, critical dimensions are measured and documented throughout the production process to insure parts are molded to specification.


We can maintain traceability for every lot of raw material, inserts and other sub-components from the start of the production run. This added procedure allows us to sort and separate product if there is any question regarding quality. 

Incoming Inspection

Ci-Dell Plastics inspects, measures and documents all incoming materials prior to molding them in production. This procedure insures only quality materials are used for molding your parts.

CMM In Action

Video Of CNC CMM In Action