Ci-Dell Plastics
Manufacturing Quality Molded Parts Since 1986

Core Competencies

Ci- Dell Plastics is a UL certified custom molder. Our main focus is converting theromoset and thermoplastic material into parts that meet customer specifications. We specialize in molding parts for industrial applications.

  • Parts with inserts (brass, stainless steel, aluminum etc.)
  • Parts with molded threads
  • Large parts - 25 lbs
  • Intricate parts - 1 gram or less
  • Making parts requiring tight tolerances

Markets Served

Ci-Dell Plastics serves a variety of markets that include:

  • Electrical - standoffs, insulators, drive yokes, arc chutes
  • Rail - insulators for dynamic braking systems
  • Military - insulators
  • Food Service - microwave dinnerware
  • Brake - phenolic pistons and inserts
  • Aerospace - insulators
  • Pumps - volutes, brackets, body housing
  • Automotive - terminal insulators, housings, covers
  • Welding - torch bodies